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We are pleased to offer white dental fillings in Burton, Michigan! By using composite, tooth-colored materials for your filling, Dr. Prabha Raju can restore and enhance your smile all at the same time. Most commonly, dental fillings can be placed by our experienced dentist in just one visit!

Dental fillings, whether they are made from composite or amalgam material, are used to repair a tooth that has accrued minor to moderate damage or decay and is most commonly used as to treat dental caries. A filling is designed to restore the structure and strength of your tooth and return it to good health.

Many patients share the desire to have a smile that is healthy and looks beautiful naturally. For this reason, we offer our patients white dental fillings! These restorations work just as well as other dental materials and are bonded to the top of your tooth after the decay has been removed, the tooth has been cleaned and the filling is shaped to your tooth. It is then hardened, so that it can be stable and long-lasting. We encourage you to contact Tender Dental Care at 810-715-3368 to meet with our dentist soon and improve your oral health and smile appearance.