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You no longer have to suffer the ailment of failing teeth. If you have to have your dental fillings fixed every two years or less, need root canal treatments every year, cannot keep up with the effects of gum disease or decay, have constant pain or difficulty eating, THIS procedure is for you!

Teeth-in-a-day will transform your LIFE, not just your health.

You may wonder.. Why choose Tender Dental Care to give you your dream smile in ONE DAY?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • We are an All-in-ONE center for same-day surgery, including removal of the teeth and placement of the implants.
    You will never be without teeth!
  • Dr. Prabha Raju has extensive expertise in this procedure after being trained by the father of implant dentistry, Dr. Carl Misch.
  • Our staff have also trained with Dr. Misch!
  • We have a team trained to provide IV Sedation, including a  nurse to provide anesthesia for your comfort.
  • Our in-office dental lab is set up just for you; our lab technician fabricates your replacement teeth during your implant surgery, increasing your comfort level and the results of your treatment.

Our team understands that this is a life-changing experience and a decision that is arrived at after careful soul searching. But after receiving All-on-4® implants, you’ll have no more pain or discomforting visits to the dental office.

One-day teeth is a life time improvement to your overall health and wellness. Our team will be honored to transform your smile with teeth-in-a-day in Burton, Michigan, because this will in turn, transform your life.

Don’t wait to visit us for same-day teeth; visit us before dental pain robs you of your joy, health and wellness.

Let us give you a reason to be smiling always and forever with implant dentures. We can do this with many miraculous possibilities, including one-appointment teeth or fixed bridges. Our dentist and her team are passionate about being part of your smile transformation. It is fulfilling for us to see a positive, smiling patient leave our office.

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