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If the idea of a root canal is intimidating to you, we invite you to visit our dentist, Dr. Prabha Raju. She has many years of experience and with it, a history of providing high-quality dental care to her patients. As a result, you can feel confident that you will receive a successful root canal treatment in Burton, Michigan. To plan your visit to Tender Dental Care, please call 810-715-3368 and speak to one of our professional staff members.

A root canal treatment is often referred to as a “root canal” and is an endodontic therapy provided if a tooth’s pulp and inner nerves have been damaged, decayed, exposed or compromised in any way. The tooth’s pulp is found past the outer layer of enamel and if infected and left untreated, can cause a tooth to die. If that happens, it would need to be extracted so that the infection does not spread to remaining dentition. To avoid this, we can provide a root canal treatment in which we remove the infected pulp from the tooth and then place a dental filling over top of it. The dental filling is designed to protect your tooth from further damage or decay. Call us today to learn more!