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There are various types of replacement teeth available because of the improvements in today’s technology and other dental care advances. High-quality dental implants are one of the restorations Dr. Prabha Raju can provide as a substitute for missing or damaged teeth.

Implants are made of two components: the implant post, which is a titanium screw, and the restoration placed atop the implant. The post is screwed into the patient’s jawbone to replace the root of the missing tooth, making it more stable than removable tooth replacements. The biocompatible implant post then needs time to bond with the bone. Once this is done, the implant restoration can be placed. Each person’s dental needs are unique, so your implant’s dental restoration may be a dental crown, dental bridge, complete denture or partial denture. Whatever it may be, your restoration is custom made to fit comfortably and aesthetically in your smile.

A dental implant has been shown to have high success rates for many patients and can restore your tooth to an optimal level of health, function and appearance. Call our team at 810-715-3368 to schedule a visit with our dentist and to learn if dental implants in Burton, Michigan, are right for you.