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We provide dental crowns and bridges in Burton, Michigan, which are two of the most common dental restorations. Our dentist is very adept at placing dental crowns and bridges, and if you would like to learn more about these treatments, you can call Tender Dental Care at 810-715-3368 . We hope to see you soon for a visit with Dr. Prabha Raju.

Dental Crowns

With dental crowns, many repairs can be made to the structure of a damaged or decayed tooth. The strength, functionality and appearance of your tooth is restored as we bond this custom-made cap over your original tooth. It is also protected from further damage or decay. With proper care and maintenance, your dental crown can be a lasting solution to your oral health and smile appearance.

Dental Bridges

For most patients, the most conservative and affordable replacement for a missing tooth is a dental bridge. These restorations are very beneficial to your oral health and they help keep the remaining and adjacent teeth in place. If the teeth do shift out of place, a bad bite can form and make it more challenging to chew and speak properly. Ask our dentist about the types of dental bridges available to you.