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It is common that many patients’ natural smiles need some form of alignment and we gladly offer orthodontics in Burton, Michigan. Dr. Prabha Raju provides an array or orthodontic services, so that patients can receive the care that best fits their needs.

Those with misaligned, crowded, gapped or crooked teeth can renew their smile with orthodontics. This branch of dentistry focuses on correcting how the upper teeth, lower teeth and jaw fit together to create a functional bite. Every smile is unique and for this reason, we offer a variety of orthodontic services. We work very closely with our patients. This way, we can be sure to give you the personalized care that best fits your orthodontic needs.

Orthodontics is best accredited for improving the appearance of a smile, but it can also be very beneficial to the health and function of your smile. Teeth that are aligned properly generally are at a lower risk for dental health issues. There is less chance for dental wear or attrition, tooth decay, gum disease, and your ability to eat, speak and chew is better. If you are interested in our orthodontic treatments, you may call 810-715-3368 to schedule your next visit with our dentist at Tender Dental Care.