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If other treatments or restorations are not a suitable option, our dentist, Dr. Prabha Raju, can provide simple tooth extractions in Burton, Michigan. Often times, extractions are best course of treatment if your tooth is no longer viable or repairable. We understand that you can feel nervous about having a tooth extracted, so we do whatever possible to help you feel comfortable in our care.

For those who are recommended to have a tooth removed, it is likely due to one of the following conditions:

  • A severe tooth infection, causing dental pain and discomfort
  • Significant damage to the tooth or supporting bone structure
  • Advanced dental decay that’s impaired a tooth’s function
  • Dental crowding caused by too many teeth in the mouth

In addition to being as conservative and gentle as possible, we also try to better our patient’s recovery by providing detailed and customized post-treatment instructions. It is important to properly care for your extraction site as it heals. So, you are encouraged to contact us if you have questions during your consultation or follow-up appointment. To learn if you may need a tooth extraction, you can call 810-715-3368 and arrange your visit to Tender Dental Care. We look forward to providing you top-quality care.