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With the many dental needs of our patients in mind, Dr. Prabha Raju offers a variety of oral cancer treatments in Burton, Michigan, including:

With all the treatments listed above, we aim to prevent and, if possible, treat any signs or growths of oral cancer you may have. Of course, we must first make sure that the various services at our practice are the most applicable in treating your dental needs. To specify, oral cancer includes cancer found on the lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, cheeks, throat (pharynx), sinuses, and hard and soft palate.

It is fortunate that oral cancer can usually be treated successfully if detected in its early stages. However, in most cases, the oral cancer is not detected until in a more advanced stage that is more challenging to treat. For this reason and to maintain the wellbeing of our patients, we offer multiple treatments in the hopes of catching any signs of oral cancer in the earliest stage possible. These include oral cancer screenings during routine dental exams and cleanings.

If you would like to meet with our dentist at Tender Dental Care or have questions about the services listed above, please call 810-715-3368 . Our friendly team will gladly address all of your concerns.