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There are many reasons why our dentist, Dr. Prabha Raju may recommend amalgam removal in Burton, Michigan. Dental amalgam is easy to remove and replace, so this can often be done in just one visit. If you are interested in the effects of amalgam fillings, call 810-715-3368 and schedule an appointment at Tender Dental Care soon.

Amalgam has been used as a filling and restoration material for many decades and is composed of a few different metals, such as silver, mercury, tin, copper and other trace metals. While some dentists still use it today, our dental team avoids using this material as one of its components, mercury, may be harmful to your overall health. The mercury in amalgam fillings has been shown to get released into your body in small amounts. In addition, amalgam fillings can also cause tooth fractures and cracks because they expand with differing temperatures. So, we use composite fillings instead as they contain no mercury and can strengthen the structure of the tooth it is placed in.

Our dentist and team have been thoroughly trained to provide safe dental amalgam removal and will gladly answer any questions you may have. We can also replace your amalgam filling with a composite one, which better resembles tooth enamel with its more natural color.