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Teeth whitening is a common and effective cosmetic dental treatment. Applied to the surface of your teeth, our professional whitening gel can make noticeable improvements in the coloration of your smile. We work with our patients to customize their bleaching treatments and in doing so, can determine the right type of whitening and the most applicable treatment time. Teeth discoloration can often be a result of natural aging effects, poor dental hygiene, certain medications, tobacco use, fluorosis and even certain foods and drinks, such as wine and coffee. No matter what the cause of your teeth’s yellowing may be, we are confident we can provide you a brightly whitened smile!

Regardless of why your smile has been yellowed or stained, we can offer you the treatment needed to give you the smile aesthetic you desire. We offer both in-office and at-home treatment options, providing you with even more convenience and choice.

If a bright and healthy smile is your goal, we encourage you to visit our dentist at Tender Dental Care! Dr. Prabha Raju has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing cosmetic services, including Zoom teeth whitening in Burton, Michigan. You are more than welcome to call our office at 810-715-3368 to learn more about pricing, bleaching options, or to address any concerns you may have.